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Our services are open to anyone who may need help. We have something for every need.

I create a space in which getting in touch with deep feelings can be done safely.

I provide engaged and confidential therapy for young people and children of various ages.

It has a potential to open up a space to safely explore challenges, experiment with new ways of being and heal wounds.

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To organise webinars and workshops for personal and corporate requirements.

Stress/Anger Management

Effective Stress and Anger Management Therapies To Help You Lead A More Positive Life.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy To Help With Relationships And Improve Understanding.

Online Sessions

Where ever you are in the world, Online and video therapy sessions available.

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Our Specialised And Experienced Hypnotherapist

hypnotherapist, EFT/TFT Tapping and Reiki Practitioner

My name is Nicole Small, I am a qualified hypnotherapist, EFT/TFT Tapping and Reiki Practitioner. Whether you need help for weight management, smoking cessation, anxiety, phobias, stress or just relaxation. I am here to help.

 So Let’s take the first steps together!

What Our Clients Say

We Care For Our Clients And Here’s What They Have To Say

I loved Nicole’s approach. She really helped me overcome my issue that I had.
Denise Price
"I went to Nicole for weight management, and instantly felt calm and relaxed, Nicole reassured me throughout the sessions, and I would go back to her and recommend her to others."
Care worker
"Nicole’s calming and soft voice really put me at ease and help me relax. I have not picked up a cigarette since seeing her."
Candice Edwards
Market researcher


Answers To The Most Common Question

I don’t charge per hour, I charge per session as for some people who experience Anxiety or low mood a shorter session time is all they can manage. But you should allow a good hour and half, give or take, when coming to see me.

The number of sessions varies on the client. Some clients may want or feel they need more sessions to manage the changes they are experiencing, and that is fine. I normally book clients in for between 3 or 4 sessions depending on what the client has come to see me for, but I will always work at a pace that the client feels comfortable with, so more or less sessions all depends on the client.

This depends on the relaxed state of the client. Sometimes a client will not remember straight away, but over a couple of hours or days the session and all the positive content will come back and you will start to notice little changes are starting to happen. It’s like driving or walking home from work or a friend’s house. You may not remember the whole journey, but you are conscious and in control at all times. And you start to remember the big blossom tree that had started to bloom and the new shop that wasn’t there before.

No is the answer to that. You will always be aware of your actions and I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. The same applies to telling me your deepest darkest secret. If you don’t want to tell me then you won’t and nothing I say will make you tell me.


Hypnotherapy £130 – £250 depending on requirements and sessions needed. Discounts for block blockings.

REIKI £50 – £80 depending on time.

Talking therapy including EFT/TFT tapping £80 a session. Discounts for block bookings.

Please read my “appointment policies” before booking.

You can pay me in cash, or through PayPal. I normally take payment before the day of the session that you’ve booked as that secures your place, but I will take a deposit before and then take the rest of the payment on the day, before we start the session.

I understand that things happen that can’t be avoided, so please call me straight away if you need to cancel. Please refer to my Cancellation Policy.

Yes! Everything you tell me and everything we talk about is confidential. I will not even acknowledge you in another setting unless you come and say hello to me. However there are some legal exceptions where by law I will have to forward to the relevant authorities if need be. Please see more in the Privacy Notice.

It’s impossible to list everything that Hypnotherapy can help you with. So please email or call me for a chat and we will talk through whether Hypnotherapy can help.

Most people can be hypnotised. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and a commitment to the process. With those 2 things you’re already half way there.

Please ask me. Either by phone or email. I am always happen to talk.

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