About Me

Nicole Jane Small


About Nicole Jane Small

My name is Nicole Small, and I am a qualified hypnotherapist, one of only a few in the UK, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. NGH.

I am also an EFT/TFT tapping and NLP practitioner, fully accredited by the Complimentary Therapist Accredited Association CTAA

I am also a USUI RYOHO level I, level II, and Reiki Master.

I am fully insured for all therapies. Hypnotherapy/EFT-TFT Tapping and Reiki, by the Holistic services Insurance. 

My Story

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’? Well like many other people, I too have had difficulties in my life. I grew up with a stammer, I’ve been a smoker, I have on going weight issues, I’ve had anxiety, depression, phobias, and I’ve spent many hours at night, tossing and turning, and not sleeping. Life just becomes a downwards spiral. I’ve done the ‘lets not talk to anyone about it, and hopefully it goes away’. I’ve tried the sleeping tablets, the anti-depressants, the healthy eating, exercise, and even though, some of what I did, probably helped. It only helped for a short period of time. 

People around me started to notice that something wasn’t right! And then one day at work while sitting in the staffroom, a colleague made a comment to me. She couldn’t believe how quiet I was, and that no one was talking, and no one was laughing, and then asked if I was ok. You see. I was always the one that had everyone talking, everyone laughing. I loved life. I loved people, but at that moment I knew I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to be at work. I wanted to be shut away from everyone, not surrounded by people that I had to talk to. 

So enough was enough. Time to make lemonade. So here I am, telling my story. I was so blown away by the results and how great I felt after the hypnotherapy and relaxation, that I decided that I wanted to learn everything I could and pay it forward. So now I’m a fully qualified and insured practitioner. So, don’t struggle alone with your issues or problems. I am here to help you start living a happier life.