Fees And Policies

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What Are The Fees ?

Hypnotherapy £130 – £250 depending on requirements and sessions needed. Discounts for block blockings.

REIKI £50 – £80 depending on Duration of the session.

Talking therapy including EFT/TFT tapping £80 a session. Discounts for block bookings.

Please read my “appointment policies” before booking.

Appointment Policies

Missed appointments

Missed appointments is when a session is booked and paid for. When the client hasn’t followed the cancellation procedure, these appointments will not be refunded. Due to the fact that I would have turned other clients away as my commitment was to you for the time specified for the duration of the session.


Cancelled appointments within 48hrs will have the session refunded to them minus the deposit. For example if the session was £120 and you paid £50 deposit then I will return £70 to you. This is because I would have started my commitment to you and organised a session plan. 

I, Nicole Small, founder of Peace of Life reserves the right to discontinue any therapy session if a contra-indication is identified by myself and will not continue another session until I am happy that the contra-indication will not be harmful to the client if hypnotherapy was to proceed.

All information given in relation to the sessions will be confidential unless

  • Disclosure is required by law
  • The client gives consent to disclose information such as to a medical practitioner
  • The client is in my view in imminent danger or poses a danger to themselves or others.

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